is Newly Redesigned!


The newly redesigned is here!

Announcing the newly redesigned parenting website,!

We’ve improved the comprehensive parenting website! Everything offered through will be consistent with John’s mission of helping parents be the best parents they can be, raising well-mannered children who do their best at all times and grow up to be functional citizens.

John’s intention is that will be the go-to parenting advice and support site available online. It has all of the features previously offered through the membership side of, but those features will be greatly enhanced and expanded.


  •  The Question-and-Answer archive will include Q&A on nearly every conceivable parenting issue imaginable, and some that even stretch the imagination.
  • The number of experts on the expert panel will increase and John’s direct participation will greatly increase as well. John intends to have a daily presence on the site, not only in answering member questions, but in other creative ways as well.
  •  Members will also be able to contact coaches for individual parent coaching sessions.
  • We plan to introduce (one thing at a time, of course): Webinars, Audio and Video Downloads, and Online Parenting Courses on such things as toilet training, discipline during the early years, managing teens, and so on.

ParentGuru’s expert panel will answer every single question members ask(except for the occasional silly question, and they may even respond to some of those, too).  The experts in question will be Certified Leadership Parenting Coaches that John has personally trained in his traditional, commonsensical, non-psychological parenting model. Be assured that John will personally answer, daily (unless traveling or otherwise indisposed), as many questions as he possibly can.

The current regular price of a membership to ParentGuru is $24.00/year.  (That’s 40 percent less than the current price of a previous membership to