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A Unique Invitation: Work with John Rosemond & His Team!

Welcome to a very rare opportunity to become a John Rosemond Leadership Parenting Coach with the goal of helping you develop your own Leadership Parenting Coaching practice through the training and support of John Rosemond’s Leadership Parenting Institute.

As one of John Rosemond’s Leadership Parenting Coaches, you will have a direct affiliation with one of America’s most respected parenting experts who will be there for you as you build your own Leadership Parenting coaching practice.

Becoming a Certified Rosemond Coach will:

    • Give you the skills to quickly spot bad family habits that have developed
    • Help you move parents to a course of action that will provide rapid, permanent behavior change in their children
    • Show you how to restore respect and responsibility in the family system
    • Enable you to readily spot the key issue in a family’s struggles, rather than be distracted by the disruptive problem which the parents are describing

To get started, fill out the form below. Once submitted, you’ll receive a 1-page application. For more information about our Coaches Program, call 704.860.4711 or contact us.

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