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John Rosemond is America’s leading expert on traditional, biblical parenting and the busiest speaker in his field. He collaborates with schools, churches, and organizations to deliver customized, impactful presentations that inspire parents and support successful events.

As a user-friendly speaker, John works diligently to meet the needs of sponsors and create a win-win-win experience for everyone involved.

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John’s Speaking Engagements

John Rosemond is America’s busiest and most sought-after speaker on parenting and family issues. We collaborate with schools, churches, PTAs, and various organizations to create successful events that benefit both sponsors and audiences. John customizes each presentation to meet the unique needs of each group, ensuring relevance and impact.

As the premier expert on traditional, biblical parenting, John consistently receives high praise for his engaging speaking style and encouraging message. His goal is to inspire parents to take control of their families and raise responsible, well-adjusted children.

Booking John is simple: fill out and send the Event Request Form or call his office at (704) 860-4711, and John will personally return your call within 48 hours.


We provide comprehensive support to maximize event success, including:

  • Ongoing consultation to boost attendance
  • Customized promotional materials
  • Leveraging John’s website traffic and social media to promote events
  • Featuring events in John’s monthly e-newsletter
  • Scheduling radio and newspaper interviews before the event

John prides himself on being a “user-friendly” speaker, working diligently to meet the needs of sponsors and create a win-win-win experience for everyone involved.

Join Thousands of Parents Benefiting from John's Expertise.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

What a joy it was to host John here at Church of the Savior over these past few days. The numerous positive responses I have already personally heard and the vivid response seen in the number of books sold are a testament to the importance of his ministry. At last count 561+ people heard him speak in his various seminars and close to 1000 people who attended our regular Sunday services heard his important message as well. As youth pastor here at Church of the Savior – and I speak for our Children’s Ministry Director as well – we are excited to see the fruit of his message and teaching over the years as parents put into practice all they have learned this weekend.

David Schnake

Youth Pastor, Church of the Savior, Nicholasville, KY

Thank you SO much for your advice. Things are going much better. A lot of the drama and stress has been cut down and both kids (2 and 15 months) are happier. I have been praying about it and seeking Godly counsel from a mother in my church who parents the “old school” way. I am all for the old-school way that John teaches, and I have seen it work. I am trying to raise my kids that way. I made two lists and put them on the fridge for when I am too tired to remember. One list has the issues we are working on and then the consequences. The other list has important things written down, such as put God and marriage first, use few words, be confident, don’t let kids frustrate you, etc. These lists and the wisdom you have shared have worked. We are still working on my daughter’s (2 yr) attitude problem but a lot of the other issues are clearing up. She is now totally diaper-free and this morning woke up for the first time totally dry. Thank you so much for listening and giving such good advice.

C.L. (Parent)

We attended one of John’s small-group parent retreats in the Spring of 2019 and it completely changed our family for the better. We had one daughter at the time (who was in the midst of the “terrible” twos), and have since welcomed a second daughter. It is such a relief to no longer be sifting through psychobabble. We watch our friends struggling to potty train 3-year-olds, struggling with children who refuse to sleep in their own rooms, etc., and are so grateful that whenever discipline issues arise in our home, we have tools to get things back on the right track.

A couple from Northwest FL

“I enjoyed this weekend seminar very much! I came away with a lot to consider and also some very relevant guidance on specific classroom concerns. I found the parenting advice to be clear and concise, and I look forward to implementing the ideas at home and with our parent community.”

“You were direct, informative, engaging, approachable, yet no-nonsense. What you have shared with us will be of real practical help to many people, and I can’t wait until the next time we will hopefully be able to invite you back to Full Circle. Thank you for sharing your experience, time, and wisdom with us.”

Attendees from Full Circle Montessori Educator Event